Welcome to the Project Catalogue of the Symphony Software Foundation! Projects that are hosted on our GitHub Organisation are browsable from this page, which adds Foundation-specific metadata (such as the project lifecycle badge) on top of stats crawled via GitHub API.

How to use the Project Catalogue

The default page shows all our projects ordered by heat, a value that weights all the GitHub stats shown for each project, but you can change the ordering by using the first dropdown at the top of the page.

Projects can be filtered by project state AND language; if a filter has multiple values, they'll be combined with an OR operator (ie, to show all projects with "Java" OR "Javascript", simply check both entries)

Use the Copy URL link on the top right to save the URL and restore the state of the page, exactly where you left.

What's next?

Want to contribute your OSS project with the Foundation Become a Contributor today or read more about our Foundation:

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